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Your Trusted Source for Facility and Janitorial Supplies!

Catko Janitorial Supplies in GA and FLCATKO is Here For You ... locally owned and operated!

CATKO goes beyond providing an extensive inventory of janitorial supplies for facilities located in south Georgia and north Florida.

We provide our customers with full facility maintenance support including janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, foodservice disposable supplies, industrial packaging, and equipment sales, rental, service and repair.

Catko makes sure your staff is fully trained in the use of our products and equipment carefully chosen for your particular facility needs. There is no substitute for saving time, money and labor than making sure the right product is being used in the right way. We provide directors with proper documentations on SDS compliance and safety.

We believe the best way to service our customers is through personalized service combined with a strategic use of technology.    

Experience the difference CATKO delivers to your bottom line, and you’ll know why our customers say, “Now You Know … CATKO” for all your facility maintenance needs.

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Check out the Doodle Scrub EBG-9. It goes where you can't! See how easy it is to scrub under urinals, behind toilets, stairs, etc.

We carry more than just janitorial supplies in south GA and northern FL. Trust our experienced team of professionals to solve your most challenging facility maintenance problems.

But we don't stop at the maintenance department! We provide supplies and support for your janitorial, chemical, packaging, foodservice, office supplies and safety needs.